Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul
Transform Your Self-Belief
Create Space For Your Baby

Tap into your most powerful pregnancy power within and trust that your dream is CONCEIVABLE.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1: De-Clutter Your 'Fertile House' & Create Fertile Balance

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    • Part 1 Introduction
    • Part 1: Audio Version
    • Part 2 Main Video Lesson
    • Part 2: Audio Version
    • Part 3: Creating fertile balance in mind, body, soul.
    • Part 3: Audio Version
    • Audio 1: Fertility Faith Affirmations
    • Hypnosis Audios: Fertility Relaxation & Reassurance
    • Download Videos and Audios
    • Module 1 Workbook
  • 02

    Module 2: Heal Your Mind & Transform Your Beliefs

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    • Heal Your Mind & Transform Your Beliefs.
    • Main Class
    • Module 2: Audio Version
    • Gratitude Jars & emotional auditing
    • How to separate yourself from your fertility issues
    • Introduction to EFT (tapping) for overwhelm
    • Hypnosis Audios: Fertile Memory Recall
    • Hypnosis Audios: Self Love Boost
    • Download Audios
    • Module 2 Workbook
    • Why your belief system could be holding you back
  • 03

    Module 3: Release & Resolve

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    • Module 3: Main Audio Class (Opening up to healing loss and repairing your heart).
    • Tapping Anger & Guilt & Jealousy
    • Tapping Sadness & Grief
    • Tapping on Feelings Of Failure & Affirmations Reminder
    • Hypnosis Audios: White Light Healing
    • Download Audios
    • Tapping In-Depth Guide From Thrive Now
    • Workbook
    • Halfway through! Time to check-in :)
  • 04

    Module 4: Body Belief and Baby Connection

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    • Module 4: Main Lesson Audio
    • Nurturing your relationship & respecting that your needs are normal and valid.
    • Hypnosis Audios: Womb Connection, Grounding and Healing
    • Download Audios
    • Workbook
  • 05

    Module 5: Reboot, refocus your energy & managing the fertility to-do’s with ease.

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    • Module Outline & Description
    • Reboot, refocus your energy & managing the fertility to-do’s with ease.
    • The Importance of Chakras Intro (Video)
    • Chakra Balancing Summary (please read before listening to chakra affirmations)
    • Chakra Balancing Affirmations
    • Workbook
    • Guided Meditation: Nurturing Green Light
  • 06

    Bonus Resources

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    • Fertility Faith Affirmations PDF
    • 'I Am Enough' Wallpaper

What people are saying about Conceivable

“He was definitely worth the wait! Thank you so much for your help. I truly believe the positive thinking and mindset changes helped put my mind, body and soul into a place where it was possible to confidently carry a healthy baby xx”

Katy from London, UK

“I really enjoyed refocusing my mind, repositioning my beliefs about my body and my abilities to not only get my life back - but also turn me back into the positive person I was before my fertility struggles. I owe a huge part of that to the work I did with Claire in Conceivable. It was the best decision I made on our fertility journey.””

Paula from Hampshire, UK

“I am eternally grateful for your support and gentle guidance, Claire. This program has been life changing, in more ways than one!”

L. O’ Leary, Ireland